GBG has incorporated the Maple Medicine business concept into a dynamic logo that uniquely represents the brand.  The artistic quality design represents our elemental principles and style consistently across all mediums.  Extremely informational, cooperative and attentive throughout the entire process…The GBG crew are enjoyable to communicate with and will be our choice for all future projects!

Kara Godfrey

Owner, Maple Medicine

Print Design and Advertising Design Services

Custom print design and quality business printing are crucial elements in your success, and not just because it’s how customers find out about you.  More importantly, it reflects your unique business identity and communicates your quality of product. Presenting your own high standards through your choice of superior marketing materials demonstrates to your customers the high quality of service that you provide.  Don’t be just another company trading on a tired stock template.  Great Big Graphics custom designs point-of-sale and print designs personal to your company.

Great Big Graphics is a print design company local to New England. We handle large print design projects such as catalog production, as well as smaller ad campaigns and business marketing materials. We offer the full array of professional business printing services and collateral, from business cards to food labels to point-of-sale displays using the finest-quality papers and cardstocks.

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