We went to GBG when we were starting our specialty food business.  We sat down with them and described the image which we wanted to portray through our logos.  Our ideas were very vague, but GBG was able to channel them into several perfect options which said everything we wanted to say with our image.  The process was so easy, the hardest part was choosing between the great options they gave us!  We LOVE our logo and think it is such an integral part of our future business success.  We are constantly complimented on it, and frequently enthusiastically recommend GBG!”
Tracy Chaleff

Owner, Vermont Homestead Gourmet

Logo Design and Business Branding Services

Branding and custom business logos are important to any business. We’re a graphic design company that understands how branding services can inspire customers to make buying decisions. We’ll work with you to create a branding strategy that works, and then develop a logo that reflects that strategy.

Why are business logos and branding services important? Most consumers make on-the-spot purchasing decisions. They’re faced with a wide array of products, and often, they simply reach out and grab something. Business branding is all about making sure that your product or service stands out in a crowded marketplace. Our business logos and branding service begins with a free initial consultation, where we learn as much as possible about you and what you’re selling, to find out what you like and may (or may not) already have in mind. Then, we create a round of initial business logos for your review. As we move through the process, your preferences and the ideal visuals for your brand and business logo will become increasingly clear.  By the end of the design process, you will be the proud owner of a new custom logo design built to fit your exact needs.


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